You Gotta Know Atlanta – Sports Trivia Game


You Gotta Know Atlanta is the addictive sports trivia game made just for Atlanta sports fans. With 500 questions, there’s something for everyone –from the casual fan to the obsessed sports geek. Football. Baseball. Basketball. Golf. College and Pro. (Even some old hockey) Coaches. Trades. Draft picks. A great way to relive and recall everything that makes Atlanta’s sports history so memorable and unique. Each card has a point value (based on difficulty) for easy “race to 21” game play… or just ask the questions to your buddies over a couple of beers.

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  • 125 trivia cards with 500 Questions about Atlanta sports
  • Easy “Race to 21” game play
  • Football. Baseball. Basketball. Players. Coaches. Trades. Draft picks. Numbers and records. Buildings, ballparks, and arenas. It’s all here.

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