Cleveland Against the World


Cleveland Against the World is the sports trivia game for Cleveland’s biggest sports fans. Take turns against one or more players — or better yet, make teams — to see who can come up with answers from each card’s list of Cleveland or World sports trivia. It’s the perfect gift for EVERYONE who grew up following Cleveland sports, with questions that every sports fan can relate to!

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  • Players roll custom dice to determine category — Cleveland or World — and how many answers they’ll need to score points.
  • Cleveland side example: Can you name 3 (out of 6) players who finished a season second on the Cavs in points per game behind LeBron James?
  • World side example: Through 2020, can you name 5 (out of 12) quarterbacks who have made 3 or more Super Bowl starts?
  • First player or team to 21 wins.
  • The perfect gift for fans, trivia night, or anybody who just loves sports!

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