Who’s the Man? – Boston Football


Who’s the Man tests your New England football knowledge with a list of clues – starting with the hardest and getting easier with each one — for the 100 most important players, coaches, and personalities from the team’s football history. Players take turns trying to guess the answer on a card, with more points scored the sooner you guess the answer.

Who’s the Man is a great way to bring back some of your favorite memories from players like Tom Brady, Steve Grogan, Matt Wilfork, Doug Flutie, Tedy Bruschi, John Hannah, Wes Welker, and so many more. And it’s a great way to relive some of the history that every hardcore fan knows and loves!



  • Players take turns trying to guess the answer (one of the top 100 players from New England football history) from a list of clues read by another player.
  • Clues get easier from top to bottom — starting with some of the most obscure facts to some of the best known.
  • Players score more points the sooner they guess the answer.

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